ammonium molybdenum formula
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ammonium molybdenum formula

The formula of ammonium molybdenum is (NH4)6Mo7O24. It is an inorganic compound that consists of ammonium cations (NH4+) and molybdenum anions (Mo7O24^6-).

Ammonium molybdenum is often used as a source of molybdenum in various industries and laboratory applications. It is a highly soluble compound in water and can be easily dissolved to form a clear solution. Molybdenum, as an essential trace element, plays a vital role in several biological processes, including enzyme activity and metabolism.

Ammonium molybdenum is commonly utilized as a fertilizer additive to provide plants with molybdenum nutrients for optimal growth. In analytical chemistry, it is employed as a reagent for detecting various metals and ions due to its strong oxidizing properties. It is also used in the production of catalysts, pigments, and corrosion inhibitors.
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