Ammonium molybdates
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Ammonium molybdates

Ammonium molybdate plays a crucial role in the formulation of corrosion inhibitors due to its ability to passivate metal surfaces and prevent corrosion. When used in corrosion inhibition formulations, ammonium molybdate reacts with the metal surface to form a protective layer that acts as a barrier against corrosive agents.

This protective layer impedes the electrochemical reactions that lead to corrosion, effectively slowing down the degradation of the metal. Additionally, ammonium molybdate can enhance the adhesion of other corrosion inhibitors to the metal surface, further improving the overall effectiveness of the corrosion protection system.

Overall, the presence of ammonium molybdate in corrosion inhibitor formulations helps to increase the lifespan of metal structures and equipment by reducing the impact of corrosion, thereby contributing to cost savings, safety improvements, and maintenance efficiency.
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