Molybdate chemical compound
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Molybdate chemical compound

Ammonium Molybdate is a versatile chemical compound commonly used in various industries. It appears as a white or yellowish powder and is highly soluble in water. With its desirable thermal and chemical stability, it finds applications in agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and analytical chemistry. In agriculture, it acts as a source of molybdenum, enhancing plant growth and crop productivity. In pharmaceuticals, it possesses antifungal properties and is used in the production of antiseptic solutions and ointments. In analytical chemistry, it serves as a catalyst or reagent for various chemical analyses, particularly in spectrophotometric procedures. Ammonium Molybdate undergoes rigorous testing to ensure purity and quality, with reputable suppliers like Shaanxi Hengchang Molybdenum Industry Company guaranteeing high-quality products for diverse industries.
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