Uses of Ammonium Molybdate
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Uses of Ammonium Molybdate

Ammonium molybdate, a compound containing ammonium and molybdenum, finds diverse ammonium molybdate uses across various industries. In the agricultural sector, it is utilized as a fertilizer additive to provide essential molybdenum to plants, promoting growth and enhancing nutrient uptake.

Furthermore, in the chemical industry, ammonium molybdate serves as a catalyst in multiple reactions, facilitating the production of chemicals in a more efficient manner. Additionally, it is employed in laboratories for analytical purposes, such as testing for the presence of phosphates in water.

Moreover, ammonium molybdate is utilized in the manufacturing of corrosion inhibitors, metal finishing processes, and as a reagent in certain chemical synthesis procedures. Its versatility and wide array of applications make it an indispensable compound in various sectors, contributing significantly to industrial processes and product development.
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