Molybdenum trioxide (MoO3) is a compound consisting of molybdenum and oxygen atoms in a 1:3 ratio. It is a bright yellow solid with a molecular weight of 143.94 g/mol. MoO3 has a melting point of approximately 795 °C (1463 °F) and a density of 4.69 g/cm³.

MoO3 is known for its high reactivity and stability, making it valuable in various industrial applications. It is used as a catalyst in processes such as petroleum refining and the production of sulfuric acid. In batteries, MoO3 serves as an anode material in lithium-ion batteries, contributing to improved performance and longevity.

Additionally, MoO3 is utilized as a pigment, providing vibrant yellow coloration to ceramics, paints, and coatings. Its heat-resistant properties make it suitable for applications that require stability at high temperatures.

Overall, Molybdenum trioxide (MoO3) is a versatile compound with a range of applications in catalysts, batteries, pigments, and other industries, showcasing its importance in diverse fields of science and technology.
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